OPAL - Observatory of Parliaments after the Lisbon Treaty

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Parliamentary activity beyond the domestic arena (inter-parliamentary co-operation and contacts to EU institutions)

The research team in Cologne is interested in the activities national parliaments are engaged with outside the domestic arena in order to influence EU policy making. With the Lisbon Treaty the EU political system has become ever more complex. The team in Cologne studies the conditions under which national parliaments are able to influence EU policy-making effectively via horizontal and vertical inter-parliamentary co-operation and via their relations to the European Commission and the Council. The underlying research question asks whether Lisbon has had any effect on these relations – for better or worse. At the same time, the team in Cologne is interested to what extent national parliaments make use of the new opportunities at hand with regards to strategies employed beyond the domestic arena. Here, the behaviour of individual actors, including both parliamentarians and parliamentary co-ordinators, and political parties lies at the heart of the research.


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