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The Palgrave Handbook of National Parliaments and the European Union PDF Print E-mail

Forthcoming 2014

Edited by Claudia Hefftler (Cologne University), Christine Neuhold (Maastricht University), Olivier Rozenberg (Sciences Po Paris), Julie Smith (Cambridge University) and Wolfang Wessels (Cologne University)

The Palgrave Handbook on National Parliaments and the EU will provide a comprehensive overview that compares legal stipulations and political practice regarding the role of national parliaments in EU affairs. Contributions will be provided by leading experts, including academics and practitioners. The Handbook will provide data on the parliamentary assemblies of the 28 Member States (including Croatia).

Attention will be put on the actual use of specialised procedures and the challenges for national parliaments after the Lisbon Treaty: These include inter-parliamentary cooperation, hitherto extremely limited, which Lisbon aimed to enhance, the role of parliamentary bureaucracies and explaining the differing levels of EU-related activity within parliaments. The European role of regional assemblies will also be investigated as some regions have developed new activities related to the EU, notably through participating to the Early Warning System mechanism. Last but not least, the economic and financial crisis having been a major challenge for national democracies since 2008, the contributors to the country chapters will be asked to develop how this question has changed the views on Members of National Parliaments on EU affairs.

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